On Monday afternoon, a video of veteran actor, Ernest Asuzu, who was once known for his vibrant acting, surfaced online revealing how he has now turned a roadside beggar and battling stroke


Ernest Asuzu was captured shirtless in the video which was posted by a passerby and fan, with social media handle, ‘Bolingo 2014’.

‘Bolingo 2014’ while speaking in the video, stressed that Nollywood is a disgrace as he was stunned to see the veteran actor in such emaciated state with no help from his colleagues in the entertainment industry, prompting the video.

Confirming the news a lady, Ronke Sunday said “I saw him yesterday trying to stop an okada, and he wasn’t walking very well, but I don’t know if he was begging, may God restore back his health”

In reaction, some Nigerians showered pitiful remarks while many others wondered why and how he became so broke despite all the money and fame he had back then.

One Nnnena Aldo wrote “The only people that blow in Nollywood are the actresses…but people should try to save at hard times ooo , no expect people to come to your aid when u sick .invest your time n money …. spend to your limit those that clap n hail when you spend extravagant will be d one to mock you….. Nollywood pays everyone for their roles, when you work save money for rainy days and don’t blame anyone when they don’t help. Abi u give them money hold??? “

”Fame will pass..Make hay while sun shines!!! 😔But come these nollywood actresses driving exotic cars while the actors remain broke and begging”, One Victor Osaze opined.

A Justina Ifreke wrote “The mistake people make is thinking that they won’t retire. The entertainment industry fame is short lived, as long as new talents will keep rising and it applies to every field. ✅Save 💰 ✅Invest 💰 and create a means of income that will take care of you during retirement 🏡. Don’t flex and forget the future”


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