Nollywood actor, Uche, who is good at attacking actors on Instagram, has said that many actors sleep with people that are older than them or sugar mummy in other words in order to live big.

Uche Madughwu

According to him, he says the is no money in the movie industry, that so many actors do this just to cover up their poor state and to make sure they have money as people believed they do.

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He wrote;

“#Nollywood actors sleep with sugar mummy to live big. #Truth is, there is no money in this movie industry, everyone is just packaging. I get up to twenty nude pictures from wealthy sugar mummies on a daily basis, asking to date me and for sex, but as the biggest actor in Naija that has ever gotten the attention of @chrissyteigen in #Hollywood, I have made up my mind never to sleep with a married woman for money.

I don’t want to mention names but more than 85% of popular male actors in our movie industry sleep with rich sugar mummies in Lagos and Abuja to maintain their affluent lifestyles. There is a particular actor in this industry that has even slept with his girlfriend’s mum – all because of money”


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