TruexGOLD is Nigeria’s No.1 Crypto-currency Exchanger were you can instantly buy, sell or exchange bitcoin, perfect money, payeer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, planetofbets and fifty other digital currencies. True X Gold

I am going to teach you how you can buy and sell bitcoin in the most trusted Cryptocurrency Site in Nigeria, But before then you might not have an account with  Find out how you can create your account below:


Visit, click on the menu bar on your left-hand side and your screen would display as shown below:


You have to click on the signup button, then a form would appear as shown below:


Fill the form Correctly, accept the terms and conditions then click on signup.

How To Sell Bitcoin On Truexgold

Selling bitcoin on Truexgold is very simple, just follows the steps  below:


Firstly, Click on the menu bar on the left-hand side and it would take to this page,

True X Gold


Secondly, click on the Exchange Rate as displayed above.

Then Click on the above-underlined graphic on the screenshot.

Alternatively, you can use this method by clicking on the Bitcoin symbol on your Dashboard, the one in your let hand side and after clicking the bitcoin symbol you click on the naira on your right and it is going to take you the same page.


Note That the two methods has the same landing page, just that I prefer using the second one. the page you are going to see on your browser is as shown below;

Please fill the form above and click on the Exchange button.


Within Seconds, your transactions would be processed and sent to your Nigerian Bank account.

How To Sell Bitcoin In Truexgold

We are going to use the fastest way in this illustration, that is the simplest steps.

Head onto, your number one cryptocurrency exchange platform in Nigeria. login to your account and you would see your dashboard as displayed below:

Firstly Click the Naira In your left-hand side as circled in the above screenshot.

Secondly, click on the bitcoin on your right-hand side.

Fill the above form Correctly then click on Exchange.

Within few Seconds, your transaction would be processed and send to you.

Contact Information Of TruexGold

Below are the contact information of


Tell: +2348183270403.

Please if you have any question(s) Drop a comment below and our admin would assist you positively.

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