Nigerian Author and Lawyer, Reno Omokri has taken to Twitter, to share his thoughts about the topic – HARDWORK.

Reno OMokri

In his tweet, Reno disclosed that although being hardworking is not bad, it does not pay and it ages one before his/her time. Reno further added that SMARTWORK pays, not HARDWORK.

His tweet reads ;

HARD-WORK is not necessarily a virtue, though it‘s not bad. HARD-WORK doesn’t PAY. It KILLS! It ages you before your time. If HARD-WORK PAID everyone will want to be a labourer. What PAYS, is SMARTWORK. A SHARP ax cuts a TREE faster than a DULL one.

I read an actor’s write up about a poor, hardworking and honest man who treats his wife like a Queen. Not possible! If you are poor, hardworking and honest, you can treat your wife well. But even in Scripture, it takes MONEY to look after a Queen!

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