Reality Tv Star, Mercy Eke, was recently dragged into an online exchange and she was forced to assert that ‘common sense is not truly common.

Mercy Eke

The drama started shortly after the reality star sent out a tweet, urging her followers to keep to the basic guidelines against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Her tweet reads ;

Good morning family…hope everyone had a great night Glowing star please observe social distancing and wear your face maskFace with medical mask if you have a reason to be outside…remember health is wealth ❤

However, a fan was not pleased with what she wrote and he fired back at her writing ;

You fo stay in your father’s house and not go to big brother’s house.

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Health is wealth

The fan continued in a rejoinder tweet ;

Who doesn’t have the reasons to go out?! We all have over a thousand reasons to go out, after 1 month. Anyways, I don’t blame those that are being sponged by some yahoo yahoo guys; they can say what ever they likes. Just don’t forge a government on top of a government.

The reply got the attention of Mercy and she didn’t hesitate in sending her own reply which reads ;

Is this why they say common sense is not common

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